Property management Is the operation, control, and oversight of real estate. Business concept

Property Management

“After sales services”

With buying a property comes along other matters that require management and periodic follow-ups, therefore we continue offering our services post-property purchase to ensure your investment maintains its value.

  • Periodic Report with photos for unfinished properties about the construction progress until finalization.
  • Payment on due dates for Taxes and periodic expenses.
  • Representing the client in front of the owners union of the property regarding the shared and common decisions.
  • Completion of procedures with Utilities and service providers. (Electricity-Water-Natural Gas-Telephone)
  • Payment or Collection services related to expenses and/or revenues of the property.

Leasing and Investment Services:

Here is how we can help you generate revenue from your property.

  • Annual leasing service.
  • Seasonal leasing service.
  • Furnishing service for leasing or investment.
  • Hospitality services for tenants.

Re-Sell Services:

Interlinks provides this service for registered clients only.

  • Evaluating the Market Price Level.
  • Suggest suitable solutions to enhance the property prices before offering it for sale.
  • Promote the property in the local and international markets via wide relationships networks.
  • Legal, procedural and monetary follow-ups until finalizing the ownership transfer.

Other “After sales” services:

  • Periodic Maintenance, Care and Cleaning Services.
  • Periodic care for Landscape and Garden.
  • Restoration and Renovation services for property for re-use or re-sell purposes.


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